Rose: A Birthday Celebration

It’s somewhat hard to believe I’m 30 years old. While it feels different, at the same time it feels exactly the same. All I can say is that I finally feel like I’m where I should be — and that’s an incredible feeling. And what better way to ring in a new decade than with several of my close friends.


We celebrated on Saturday night in Philadelphia with an evening planned by M and Jenna. It began with the arrival of my best friend from Pittsburgh Cat. While I knew this was happening, it was still such a wonderful treat to see her in person! We sat on the balcony for a bit catching up. Then a car load of us drove into the city and we headed to Sampan for dinner. It was definitely a treat, and all of the food was incredibly delicious.

Afterward, we headed to a neat bar called National Mechanics. I loved the space here. When we arrived, several of my good friends for waiting. I know it wasn’t easy for them all to come out, so I really appreciated the effort — and Jenna and M for orchestrating the entire thing. It’s nice not having to plan your own birthday gathering!

birthday freinds

We spent the night hopping from place to place, chatting, dancing, drinking and just enjoying ourselves. There were several moments throughout the night where I thought to myself: “I am so lucky to have these great people in my life.” Each of these friends are dear to me in different ways, and it was great to see them all in the same space.

And the birthday celebration continued! On Sunday evening (the day of my actual birthday), I went to dinner with M and my good friend Jenn. This weekend, my dad and stepmom are also coming to visit. It’s the birthday that keeps on giving. 🙂

Here’s to being 30, happy, healthy and in good health! I’m one lucky gal.


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