Jenna: Some days

After I read Rose’s post, a few things came to mind for me personally: 

Some days I want to lean on other people instead of being strong for everyone.

Some days I want to hide from … everything.

Some days I feel I have nothing to show for the last few years.

Some days I walk to the corner store and buy a regular Coke, bag of sour cream and onion chips, and Swedish fish. I promptly consume all of these things. There is not Instagram filter to make that look healthy…


I have these days. I often find comfort in the notion that once you dig deeper – into the layers that folks so often spend energy pretending don’t exist – we find we are a lot more similar than we ever realized.

We are all trying to figure it out. We are all trying to find the factors that solve the equation of happiness. We are all unsure at times. We all have our doubts.

The universe shifts, and energy changes. I’m strong when someone can’t be. I lean when someone can hold me.

There is beauty in all of the messy, confused, and overwhelmed cloudiness that is life. And some days that’s all there is.



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