Jenna: Taco Club

A few months ago, I was feeling the itch to get a big group together and connect. A lot of my friends are involved in book clubs or other social activities with structure and I felt that was missing from my life. With so much going on, I make it a point to connect with others but it tends to be one-on-one.

I looked into playing a few intramural sports, but none of the times or locations worked with my schedule. I also sent out some feelers about starting a book club, and everyone seemed hesitant to commit to reading a book each month. I was feeling a little defeated, and wasn’t sure what to do.

Then the idea struck me: TACO CLUB.

Who doesn’t love Tacos? I ran it by a few friends, then set up a Facebook group with 10-11 people. Here’s the intro I posted:

Hello everyone, and welcome to Taco Club! Sure, we could have started an intramural dodge ball team or read books and talked about them but where’s the fun in that?
In all honesty, everyone was really busy and freaked out by the commitment of reading books so we will get together and share in each others awesomeness over tacos once a month.
And honestly, I just can’t wait to use the phrase, “Sorry I can’t make it…I have taco club”.

Each month, someone hosts. Hosting involves picking the location, date, time and filling in the group.  Since I started the group, I set our first meeting for Tuesday at Lolita.

I was surprised and so happy at how excited everyone was for Taco Club. It brought together a lot of people that I love that never usually interact with each other. We even went around the room and talked about our favorite taco we’d ever eaten.



The food was amazing and delicious. I also felt extra awesome, because I got to order “one of every kind of taco you have, please” from the waitress. Awesome.

The first Taco Club meeting was better than I could have imagined. We even got gelato and hung out after. There were some great conversations, too. I love my friends.


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