Rose & Jenna – The Balancing Act

A reader submitted this question, and we’re pretty excited to answer it. While we haven’t yet mastered the art of staying healthy while traveling, we sure try our darndest. And we’re looking forward to hearing you chime in at the comments and letting us know how you stay balanced while away from home.

You guys both seem to travel quite a bit. How do you stay healthy while not at home? I immediately fall off the wagon, especially if there is pressure from others. Any tips to help me stay on track?


Here are a few tips:

1. Start your day off right — whether that means drinking your morning Shakeology or getting in a work-out. Get up before everyone else and get it done. You’ll feel much better later.

2. Don’t be afraid to pack your workout gear. Thanks to programs like T25 and Turbofire, you can literally work out in your hotel room. There’s no excuses.

3. Remember that you don’t need to indulge. Take your time sipping a drink. Or get a seltzer water. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can booze it up every night. Pick your drinks and calories wisely.

4. In terms of food, think: clean. Try to find the options that look the least processed. For example, don’t get the linguine in cream sauce. Opt for a salad with chicken instead. Or the whole wheat pasta with olive oil and veggies. Always go for the healthier choice.

5. Try to plan your indulgences. When traveling for work, do your best to scope out menus so you can plan your choices. If you’re on vacation and want to splurge on dessert at your favorite ice cream place, be sure to fit in a workout and some cleaner choices during the day.

6. Pack snacks. Always have some healthy, portable snacks in your bag. This way you won’t be grabbing for the bag of chips or candy while running through the airport. Luna and kind bars are life savers.

7. Think about how you’ll feel after. My stomach doesn’t tolerate a lot of heavy options or alcohol these days. I try to really focus on how I’ll feel after and weigh if it is worth the choice. Chances are it isn’t!

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