Rose: Why I Love Fall

Someone recently asked me why I love fall so much. So, in no particular order, here is a short list. I welcome the new season tomorrow with open arms and a big heart!


* It’s a sense of beginning. The academic year always begins in September, which, for me, is a time to start fresh. There is a newness in the air all around, and everyone seems refreshed and recharged from a summer away.

* I love the fashion that comes with fall — scarves, boots, big sweaters, comfortable pants. Endless possibilities.

* Walks (or runs) in the fall. You don’t get sweaty. You get to bundle up a little bit. You get to hear the sound of leaves crunching under your feet. It’s just peaceful.

* Thanksgiving. It’s a time to gather together and be thankful. I love the gratitude associated with the season.

* Festivals. They seem to be everywhere. Arts and crafts. Food festivals. Wine. Pumpkin patches and corn field mazes. Many can be super cheap and even free (if you don’t get sucked into buying anything!).

* Memories. I always associate October with when I first fell in love with M. I remember all the little trips we took when we first started dating. A lot of them happened in the fall.

* The leaves are just so beautiful! I love going on long drives to see the colors changing.

* Speaking of which, I also just love the colors of fall: orange, yellow, red, brown. So warm and comforting!

* Anddddd, speaking of warm and comforting, did I say hot cocoa? There’s nothing I love more than bundling up on a cool, crisp autumn day with a book, some sweatpants and a sweatshirt and a good book outside.

Why do you love (or dislike) Fall? Share in the comments.


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