Rose: Just Because

I did a lot of things this weekend just because.

Work has been crazy. Side projects have been due. And I’m either running or participating in a bunch of fitness groups. I’ve been exhausted.

During a run over the weekend, I listened to a podcast on properly unplugging. This is something I have to remind myself often, and I know I’m not alone. Americans are overworked, stressed out and tired. With the advent of smart phones and other technology has come the need to constantly be on, plugged in or around.

It was for that reason that I had a just because weekend. That’s why M and I went to a winery on Friday, sat outside under twinkly lights and had a heated discussion about the future of society. 🙂


Saturday night there was a football game in town. We made up some burgers on the indoor grill, ate some delicious kale salad and hit the mean streets of Princeton. Even though We left after three quarters, the game was still super fun. This is me and my friend Jenn, decked out in Princeton garb.


Before the game was one of those days when I hate being an adult. I spent the morning at the DVD, followed by an oil change followed by a car wash. BLECH. But I guess it’s not that bad when you only do car maintenance every so often. To cheer myself up, I bought $3 sunflowers at Trader Joe’s.


The cats are still eating them.

On Sunday morning, I was feeling the need for a little cardio. Admittedly, I haven’t gone running since the half marathon in May. I hate summer running and prefer to sweat indoors where there is A/C. I let myself jog at whatever pace felt comfortable. I walked when I needed to. And for once I didn’t worry about getting home or setting a record or even getting to a certain mile. It was glorious.


What did you do just because?


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