Rose: A little reorganization

After our trip to California, I came back feeling pretty renewed. I knew the feeling wouldn’t last long, that the stress and anxiety of the present would creep in. So I took that present energy very seriously and quickly ordered loads of storage bins from Amazon. The idea? Organize the entire house while I was still feeling refreshed.

Something about the peacefulness of being in Petrolia made me rethink my life. Why do I live the certain ways I do? Why do I just accept that some things are the way they are? Why do I so quickly throw in the towel, forgetting I may have a little control over the facets and spaces in my life?

And that’s why I decided to reorganize and redecorate. It may sound silly. It may seem trite. But when your space is in total disarray, you just can’t function. When you feel waves of anxiety every time you open up a closet door, there’s a problem. Thanks to some gift cards and birthday money, I was able to not only redecorate my bathroom but properly organize my closet space, too.


This may not look very fancy, but LORD if you saw it before … you’d be shocked. I bought six little pull-out drawers along with six baskets. I’ve labeled many of them in one closet; I still have yet to label in the other. But my oh my. I can see what I own. It’s not piled up at the bottom of the closet. The linens are actually folded (yes, at one point they were just tossed in), and I rediscovered items I didn’t even know existed! Did you know I have 5 flower vases? Or two extra bags of cat food? Or nearly 30 double AA batteries? WHO KNEW!

And if this looks good, just wait for the big reveal of my bathroom. I can’t wait to have more visitors so they can see this space. I’m really proud of the work I’ve done there — stay tuned.


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