Jenna: Favorite Fall Styles

Fall is officially here! The high was 62 on Sunday, and has warmed up a bit through this week. I have taken full advantage of this gorgeous weather and have been outside as much as possible. I know winter is looming, and want to just pretend that it will be like this forever. Behind the weather, my favorite thing about the season changing revolve around the colors and styles that become appropriate. I feel this way about each season, and here are a few styles I am excited to try for fall.

Awesome gray nail polishes. This Essie one looks amazing.


Here are a bunch I am eager to try from a few different brands. I love the darker shades! They look great as my skin tone gets fairer from no sunshine!


I have been living in sweaters and skinny pants lately. I notice that I get more compliments when I wear a “skinnier” (can’t they find a better name for these?) fit, so I think I’m going to roll with that through the Fall.


BLAZERS! I still need one to round out my wardrobe, but a few have made debuts in my wardrobe this week and I have gotten compliments each time.


I’ll be sure to snap some photos and share as I attempt to put some outfits together.

What Fall styles are you most excited for?


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