Rose: Bathroom Makeover

Thanks to some birthday donations and a little bit of creative energy, I’ve totally redesigned my bathroom. The color scheme? Teal, gray and yellow. Neutral meets a burst of color.


I forgot to snap the ‘before’ photos so, for now, just imagine a drab space without much pep. I did what I could to make the space tie together. But I didn’t quite have the resources to give it a unique look.

I got inspired after finding the bath curtain through an Etsy shop called Swirled Peas. They had this same design in various colors, and this one spoke to me. Once I had the bath curtain down, the rest was pretty easy. I was home sick one day, so I spent some time creating a Pinterest board. Then I went to work at purchasing the items and creating a cohesive look.

One of my most favorite items was this custom-painted shelf. The artist matched this shade to the shower curtain, and he did a remarkable job. He was great work with as well. Here’s his shop.


The shelf arrangement and items have since changed, but you get the idea. I’m working hard at filling the spaces with antique gems and am collecting them slowly through antique shops. Check out the bottle in the middle there. It’s old-timey coconut milk shampoo! I’ve also been able to acquire shaving ointment that has turpentine in it.

Above the toilet is a small display which I’ve posted about before. These are part of the series of distressed mason jars I made. I was able to purchase the Hot Baths sign as well as the vintage purse clock through Etsy. The only disappointment: the watch seriously smells like cigarette smoke. It’s since aired out, and I’ve moved it up to the shelf. It’s a wind-up … so I am constantly working hard for it to tell time.


I got this delightful card from a good friend for my birthday. I paired it with an on-sale frame from Pier 1 Imports. In case you can’t read it: “old enough to know better … too young to give a rat’s ass.” It’s absolutely perfect for the corner of the sink.


You can’t overhaul your bathroom without getting new towels! I was happy to snag these reasonably priced gray towels through an Amazon gift card. The yellow towels are from target. And the gray bathmat is also a Target find. It feels so nice to have fresh, new towels.


And there you have it! Who knew a practical space could have such style. I’m super glad I’ve invested the time, energy and money into this apartment bathroom. … more photos to come, too, as I’ve already add a few more antique items to the mix!



It came out just how I wanted.


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