Jenna: Shake it off

I think the crazy moons we have been experiencing are screwin’ with me and lots of people around me.

Things have just been extra off balance. I know I’m not the only one. Almost everyone I have encountered this week have had an issue, crisis, mini-breakdown, something extra thrown at them, health problems….you name it. It is just crazy.

As I have written about before, I tend to “feel” the emotions and weight of others around me. I have DEFINITELY been feeling it this week. We have a pretty big meeting approaching this week here at work, so that has added to the weight.


As much as I hate to admit this, I really like Taylor Swift’s new song “Shake it off” and I played it earlier at work today while I put on my headphones and just zoned out. It picked up my mood for sure. Sure, its a super silly pop song but I have tried to think “shake it off” every time I have felt negativity taking over today.

When some people here were on my last nerve, I tried to remember that a source of their stress will soon be over.

When I started to get upset because my brother hasn’t responded to my text from 3 days ago, I tried to remember that he has a lot going on, is a silly boy, and will eventually get back to me.

When I needed a literal pick me up, I headed to the gym on my lunch break instead of going out and grabbing a piece of pizza.

When I started worrying about a few of my friends that are going through a lot right now, I just breathed and took a minute to send them extra good vibes.

Cheers to my attempt at shaking it off! Who’s with me?


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