Rose: The Positive Path

Last month, we debuted our wellness challenge. I’m running the second group currently, and today we are working on bringing positivity into our lives. Every Wednesday we focus on one positive item. This can be as simple as, “I’m going to hold the door for someone,” or “I’m going to reconnect with an old friend.” Whatever brings you joy, that’s what we’re doing.


But you know, it’s not always easy to follow the positive path. I’ve had my fair share of downward spirals. Nights tossing and turning, fearing potential outcomes. You know the feelings that creep in. They are the thoughts that say: you aren’t good enough. The voice in your head asking you: what have you even accomplished in this life? Sometimes, for me, they can become suffocating.

Taking the positive path is very much an active choice. And you need to be a motivated participant in that walk. For some, the word “positive” is even off-putting. It doesn’t mean that you have to slap a smile on your face and fake it. All it means is that for one day, or one moment, you’re choosing to silence those little thoughts in your head. You’re taking a stand. You’re saying, “I am good enough today” or “These feelings won’t matter tomorrow.” After all, feelings are often just feelings.

I am a feeler, and sometimes I really struggle with my own emotions. While I wouldn’t trade this version of myself, I often have to analyze my own feelings — otherwise, they might take over. It’s amazing what can happen when you just take a pause in the middle of a tizzy. When you actively tell yourself, “This is a feeling. It is going to pass. Just wait it out for another 90 seconds.” Chances are, you’ll start feeling a lot less overwhelmed.

I would encourage everyone to try this practice today. When you feel your blood starting to boil, or your hands starting to shake, just pause. Don’t say a word. Swallow whatever it is you’re feeling for 90 seconds. Take deep breaths. See how you feel after that momentary quiet.

I’m pretty sure you’ll feel a world of difference.


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