Jenna: Here’s to the positive

As Rose mentioned, we kicked off our Wellness Challenges this month. We are currently in the midst of the second one. It has allowed me to focus my energy on myself, what is important to me, and how the world around me can affect my mood.

This morning, other than a few happy Florida State Football fans, my Facebook newsfeed was full of negativity. From news outlets to my own friends. The words “hate” “annoyed” and “miserable” were used. I immediately got a pit in my stomach, and felt my entire mood change. It’s surprising to me how people let things that are completely out of their control consume them, and to the point that they feel Facebook is the proper place to share them. I would also like to mention that most of the topics were written about things not affecting them, and were muddled with opinions that were not based on fact.

I was so distressed by this that I immediately popped over here to write.



I have realized through these challenges that negativity becomes a habit. Just like spending money, grabbing coffee every morning, and exercising each day. We are creatures of habit, and when it comes to negative dwelling we must break the cycle. This is something I struggle with, but I have gotten to a point where I know how to shut it down. And shut it down we must!

Here’s to walking barefoot. To make-up free days. To saying I Love You. To sweating, to messy hair, to taking deep breaths, to salty lips, to summer sunburns, to sandy feet, to iced coffee on hot days, to hot coffee on chilly mornings, to sunsets, to holding hands, to singing loudly, to good books, to friends that tell you the truth no matter what.

Here’s to puppies, to garden fresh veggies, to the full moon, to going on vacation, to being home, to yoga, to long hugs, to too much jewelry, to laughing until your face hurts.

Here’s to silence. To first kisses. To sighing. To feeling supporting.  To supporting those you care about.
“Here’s to life and death and the moments in between that make it all worthwhile.”

Here’s to the positive. Find it. Embrace it. Live it.


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