Rose: A Hometown Weekend

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to my hometown for a family baby shower. I spent two nights at my mom’s house, which was quite a nice little respite. This time together was much needed; I hadn’t seen my mom in two months! I set up my air mattress in her spare room — super cozy — and we spent the weekend catching up on life. It was wonderful.

On Saturday we drove to Pittsburgh for the baby shower of my cousin’s wife Jackie. I’ve gotten quite close with Jackie since she met Danny. She’s been in several of my fitness accountability groups and has been a great support system offline, too. Turns out her shower was only a block away from where I used to live in Pittsburgh. Mom and I posed for a shot after she opened her gifts:


The baby shower theme was centered around children’s books. The food was created to match, and the only game played involved balloons. In each balloon was a slip of paper. Some had the names of children’s books. Others had a standard “Thank You.” Both my mom and I’s balloons had the books, so I came away with this GREAT gift basket of nail accessories. I needed this!


On Sunday, I headed up the road to visit my father, his wife and my other side of the family. I packed a lot into one day: lunch with my dad and stepmom, cards with my grandfather and even a quick visit to see my childhood best friend, Becky. I also saw my stepgrandmother on the way out of town. Talk about power visits!

Maybe it was the cool crispness of the air, or the fact that I saw so many people in a short span of time … but it was one of those weekends I just wanted to bottle up and save. So glad I was able to travel back for the weekend … more visits to come!


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