Jenna: Budget

Who got a pit in their stomach reading the title? It is one of those things we aren’t suppose to talk about, yet it seems to be such a focus and “deal breaker” for so many things.

Much like this blog post, life has not been extra exciting or compelling lately. I have gone to the gym, I bought new sneakers, I have spent a lot of time on trains, and catching up with old friends. Sometimes it is just like this. I eat, sleep, work, workout, and fit in some socializing when I can. The middle of September, I put myself on a pretty strict budget. I have zero debt, which is amazing, but I can often times just spend money on things that are not necessary. Like many topics I have written about before, spending can become a habit. With this, comes – well – less fun.

I hate to say it that way, but it is true. I do have a lot of low-cost or “free” activities that I do enjoy, but it can feel like a punishment sometimes. I guess I stick with it because I am fueled by the notion that I have a bigger goal (and savings accounts amount) that I would like to hit, and a lot of the little ways I spend money don’t end up adding up to much of anything. For example, eating out is one of the worst investments ever. You pay five times what it would cost to make the same portion at home, yet it is one of my absolute favorite things to do so I manage to make it happen. Lately, I have just picked more budget friendly establishments and cut the “grabbing a slice of pizza” out when I have perfectly easy, quick, and easy options at home.

So far, it is going pretty well. I think the budget I have set for myself is totally obtainable and I need to just stick with it.

I’ll blog about “money” more because I think it is a relevant topic that isn’t addressed enough. Stay tuned.

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