Rose: DIY Body Butter

Last week, my neighbor invited me over to make body butter from scratch. I’d never done anything like this, so I jumped on the opportunity. I’m always looking for DIY gift ideas, and these are perfect. Spoiler alert for some: you may be receiving these as stocking stuffers come Christmas!

Aiko was kind enough to find a recipe and gather materials. We followed instructions from this website. The process is not as labor intensive as it sounds. It’s essentially just like baking a dessert. We decided upon three scents: lavender, rosemary mint and bergamot (which smells like Earl Grey tea).


Together, you mix up most of the ingredients and cook them down in a saucepan. Then you let them sit in the refrigerator for about an hour. We enjoyed this part because it gave us plenty of time to gab and catch up. Once the materials had set a bit more, we took turns blending them with a hand mixer. That was probably the most labor intensive step; we mixed for a good solid 10 minutes until it became a whipped consistency, like this:


Overall, I was happy with the way our DIY body butter turned out. We doubled the recipe so we had a TON of leftovers. That said, one batch out to do it for about 6-8 small jars. It was a perfect way to spend a Tuesday night with friends, too.

(Note: My only negative reaction: the butter is VERY oily. I would probably cut back on the amount of coconut oil used. That said, it does settle into the skin rather quickly, so it must be working it’s magic.)

What have you been DIY-ing lately?


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