Jenna: Heart Healthy

I’ve been thinking about the holidays a lot this week. My family is coming here for Thanksgiving, and Christmas is only about 8 weeks away. Can you believe it?!

Today I was thinking about how I made my holiday’s healthier last year by focusing on keeping extra sugar and sodium to a minimum. I also got in a workout every day of the Christmas break. I was determined to not let the holidays derail my progress.

I want to do the same thing this year. The holidays also make me think about family. My family likes to gather with food, and it is not always the healthiest. My grandmother is thankfully still with us, but she has had heart disease for many many years. My mom is on medication for her high blood pressure.

Did you know that heart disease is the NUMBER ONE KILLER of women? It kills more women every year than ALL CANCER COMBINED. 

The good news is there is a lot women (and men) can do to combat heart disease and related complications. Staying a healthy weight and working in physical activity are two of the most important. I know I have the family history, so I want to be sure I focus on it even more.

I’ll post about hearth healthy tips in the weeks leading up to the holidays. I also want to host an online challenge group, where we will focus on staying healthy for the holidays. I am aiming for a second week of November start date. Stay tuned!

I love lots of people will all my heart. I need to be sure it can keep on giving!


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