Rose: A Weekend in Raleigh

M and I just got back from a long weekend in Raleigh, N.C. I’ve long wanted to check out Raleigh, ever since M first went there in 2013. For M’s birthday, I bought him tickets to a show in Durham to give us a good reason to visit.

So much could be said about this trip, but one of the moments particularly stood out. The city was having its First Friday event during the evening where all of the art galleries were open to the public. This is something I miss about living in the city — constant exposure to art, culture and different types of people. We walked from gallery to gallery checking out the paintings. One picture immediately caught my eye.


According to the artist, chickens are often the focus of paintings or pictures. But this one really stood out to me. I loved how the chicken was purple instead of its usual color. I also loved that the chicken’s name was Myrtie, named after the artist’s grandmother.

Anything associated with farm life reminds me of my own grandmother. To this day, grandma is still the hardest working person I’ve ever met. To capture all that she’s taught me seems nearly impossible. But when I do certain tasks like weed a garden, bake cookies or dust furniture, I think of her. Never one to complain, she loved going out to the chicken coop — when she still could — to collect the eggs.

And so, chickens remind me of her. Which is why I was so excited that M bought me this to display in my apartment. What a beautiful reminder of such a lovely person. And what a great way to remember such a memorable trip down south.


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