Jenna: Restorative Yoga and Massage

I went to a very challenging boot camp class on Friday, so I was more than ready for yoga Saturday morning. I had my eye on this place that is a few blocks from my house called Mama’s Wellness Joint. The name is awesome, but to be honest, I was never really sure what it was.



I saw that Lululemon was hosting there free community classes here through December, so I couldn’t wait for a chance to try it. I arrived nice and early, and enjoyed an amazing hour long vinyasa class which started at 9:15a. Owner (and teacher) Paige was wonderful, and I really enjoyed the balance of challenging yet relaxing poses. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners (they have beginner workshops!), but yoga is what you make of it.

At the end of class Paige told us about a Restorative Yoga and Massage Workshop that was taking place Sunday from 7:15p-9:15p. I immediately went home and researched it online. It sounded amazing. For $40 you get two hours of relaxing yoga and mini massages throughout.

I could not have been happier with my experience. We held traditional poses for much longer ,and with props to maximize the stretch. While holding poses, a licensed massage therapist rotating around the room providing massages along the way. It was the perfect Sunday evening and I felt great.

It amazes me every time I experience something like this how good it is for my body, mind and soul. I really want to start working yoga into my routine at least twice a week. Especially through the winter months, when the weather can really make me feel down. I can’t wait for the next workshop and for yoga Saturday morning!



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