Rose: Holiday Card Making

Last night, some friends and I attended a Christmas Card workshop at PaperSource. I had attended this workshop last year and got some great ideas for holiday cards. Because I couldn’t make their scheduled workshop, I hosted one of my own parties last night. What a great way to gather together a group of friends!


What I love about these workshops:

  • They are designed for all levels of crafters.
  • The cards are made in a step-by-step fashion and led by an instructor so everyone can easily follow along.
  • The cards range from simple to advanced.
  • They have a large table that everyone can gather around, share materials, talk, etc.
  • The cost ($25) isn’t horrible considering the quality of materials you receive and the cards you get to take home.

While some of the cards were a little too basic/simple for me, I had a great time learning a few new methods (including envelope lining — see in the lower right-hand corner of the graphic above). So often I get together with friends at a bar or restaurant. It’s sort of nice breaking that trend and having a project that we’re all doing together.

Now it’s just time to figure out what to make for my own holiday cards this year … Hum….

Have you ever gone to a workshop like this?


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