Rose: Things I’m Loving Lately

A few simple things have been bringing me a lot of joy lately. And, as we inch closer to Thanksgiving, I find myself being grateful for these little things.

1. My Avalanche pullover.


I adore this hoodie. Mine is similar in shape to the one featured above but a different color. I have literally been living in this thing since late October. I needed something warm for a chilly Penn State football game, and my stepmother bought this for me. I love the way it fits me and the neck guard comes in handy. And, as the temperatures continue to drop, this gem certainly keeps me warm at night.

2. Amazon.


Thank you, creator of Amazon, for making my life so much easier. Thanks to this site, I have 80 percent of my Christmas shopping accomplished — all with the click of a button. Some friends and family members have created wishlists, too, which makes shopping a cinch. Plus I can watch movies and TV shows for free thanks to my Amazon PRIME membership (which was worth every single penny).

3. DIY Projects.


The holidays always have a way of inspiring me. I want to make presents. Bake cookies and pies. Get crafty and make cards for people. This then extends into other projects like new lampshades
. Over the past few days, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for ways to make my own headboard for the guest bedroom. I have lived in apartments long enough to know that if you don’t decorate them, you’ll live to regret it. So I’m putting things in motion now.

4. Enchiladas.


I never seem to tire of this meal. A little spice and zip. A hearty portion. This is the perfect meal for a cold late fall evening.

What are you loving lately?


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