Rose: Suck it Up Already

I have two thoughts rattling around in my head today: suck it up and shake it off.

suck it up

I’ve been phoning it in when it comes to my workouts. I would like to say that I’ve just been too busy, but I never buy that excuse from anyone. You should always make time for you health. It should be in your top three things, really. Without it, you can’t really do the rest. So, I don’t have that as an excuse (even though it felt like it at the time).

For whatever reason, my motivation waned throughout the month of October. I wasn’t sticking to a regular workout program. I was trying to make one up, but that proved to be totally willy nilly. Because of it, I didn’t stick to a plan. I didn’t really have a plan. And so, I had a little heart-to-heart with myself over the weekend.

I asked: where is your motivation? Why are you feeling like a slacker? Are you actually slacking or being too hard on yourself? What is the deal?

Here is what I figured out:

* My motivation is being sucked away because of other things. I am saying yes to too many things, taking on too many projects and the result is leaving me exhausted. For the rest of 2015, I am going to be mindful about saying, “Let me think about it” instead of a happy “yes.”

* I am feeling like a slacker because exercise brings me joy. Some of the other things I’ve been doing? Not so much joy. I need to incorporate exercise into every day to feel complete, happy and whole.

* I am not as big of a slacker as I think I am. Some people don’t exercise at all. I’ve never gone more than three days without working out in two years. I should pat myself on the back for that.

* The deal is that I am tired. The deal is that I have too many interests. The deal is that I need to prioritize in a way that makes sense for me.

* I need a plan. Plain and simple. I need a plan designed by someone else that will keep me on track.

And so, here is what I’m doing with that information. I am going to follow a plan. I am going to follow the 21 Day Fix workout plan. The DVDs are great: they are 30 minutes in length and include both strength and cardio. DONE. I am going to work on saying “maybe.” I am going to work on sticking up for ME. In essence, I am going to be true to myself — as much as I possibly can be.

Thanks for reading this honest post!


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