Rose: Holiday Survival

Tomorrow, M and I are headed to Boston to spend Thanksgiving with his family. We went to Boston last year, and it ended up being such a relaxing time. M’s family is so low-key — we typically spend most of the holiday watching football in sweatpants. Who could complain about that? It also helps that his brother his a top-notch chef, so the spread is pretty killer.

Holidays are a notoriously rough time, which is why Jenna and I are hosting our next challenge group. As I plan and pack tonight, I have a couple of thoughts in mind for staying on track throughout the next couple of days. No doubt it will be hard with all the grub. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve that have helped me in the past. The cycle sort of works like this:


* Get up early. I used to snooze like no other during the holidays. Now, I seize the day. I get up early (for me) and get my workout done first thing. I try to get up so early that no one notices I even worked out. Knowing I’ve exercised gives me true peace of mind.

* Drink Shakeology daily. This is my go-to breakfast for so many reasons. If I’m having an indulgent meal later, at least I know I started the day off right.

* Pack exercise clothes. I take a gym bag with the essentials, along with my at-home workout DVDs. If I’m lugging the bag along, I have to use the stuff — right?

* Find a nearby class. This year, I’m taking advantage of the fact that my friend Dana lives in Boston and is teaching an Insanity class on Saturday morning. This is a double-whammy: I get to workout AND hang out with Dana. Win, win.

* Indulge … in moderation. I will eat big on Thanksgiving but not that big. It’s helpful to remember that this meal comes around every year. I won’t go hungry.

* Bring your own dishes. This year we volunteered to make the pies. And I know exactly what is going into them!

What tips and tricks do you use for surviving the holidays?


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