Rose: What’s up with Max: 30?

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know I’ve been posting like crazy about the newest workout program that launched today – Insanity Max: 30. Sounds scary, right? The word “insanity” is a bit extreme, but I can attest that this workout will not only transform your body but your mind, too.


Before I get into the details of the new program, I want to first explain where I’m coming from.

Two years back. It was nearing January 2013, and I was feeling out of shape. Granted, I ran regularly and tried to go to the gym. But I could never really stick to a routine nor lose weight.

A couple of my friends had tried this program – Insanity. I was intrigued. I watched several of them drop the weight they’d been wanting to lose. More importantly, they looked fit. I thought: hey, I want to look fit, too.

Getting through 60 days of Insanity was probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. The first week, I could barely walk into work. I was using muscles I had never used before. Gradually, things got better. And then BAM. Month 2 came, and the workouts increased in length. I wondered if I could get through it. M and I were doing it together, and knowing that he was completing his workouts kept me motivated. I pushed through.

Along the way I took progress pics. I have never shared them publicly because that thought kinda freaks me out. But I have shared them with friends. After 60 days, The proof was there. I had changed.

But more than that started to transpire in the months that followed. I started getting hooked on fitness again. I began rediscovering my love for it — why I decide to move my body each day. With that, came my nutrition. I started drinking Shakeology daily, and finally, I felt energized again. I joined a clean eating challenge, and I never looked back. I became a new person.

So much more has happened since then. I have found a Fit Family. I became a Beachbody coach and motivate others through 30- and 60- day challenge groups. I have found my passion.

That’s why I purchased Insanity: Max: 30 today. I am scared as heck to do this program. While the 30 minutes a day sounds appealing, I am fearful of “maxing out” through this high intensity interval training. Can I really do it? Am I fit enough?

I am going to put myself to the test. If I make a public announcement here, there is no turning back. Do you want to join me? I’ll be setting up a challenge group via Facebook to monitor our progress. We can push each other to the limit. The more people, the better. Leave a comment below if you want to join.

And for those who want the nitty gritty details, here you go. You can see the whole package here, too.

What is Max: 30?

INSANITY MAX:30 is a 60-day in home workout program that pushes people to their personal max in just 30 minutes a day (5 days a week) without equipment for jaw-dropping visible results. INSANITY MAX:30 makes people push as hard as they can for as long as they can until they MAX OUT – the point when they just can’t do any more or they begin to lose good form. Every day they’ll push to increase their previous MAX OUT time so they constantly progress, improve their fitness, and get the full body results they’ve always wanted. And for the first time the program includes a low-impact modifier for every move so anyone at any level can MAX OUT without the impact to their joints.

Who should try the program?

INSANITY MAX:30 is for anyone who is looking to lose weight, tone up and get the best body of their life. It’s perfect for anyone short on time. The low impact modifier makes this program approachable to people of all skill levels. It’s also great for anyone who wants a flexible eating plan, or anyone who does not want to use any equipment.

If you have any questions at all, leave a message below!


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