Rose: A lot like Christmas

There seems to be this unwritten rule that if you have an apartment, you need not decorate it. I disagree. I have spent many years putting up minimal Christmas decorations and no tree. I guess I always figured: I’m barely here over the holidays, so who cares? But this year felt different.

This Christmas, I wanted to do the whole sha-bang this year. Something about turning 30 has made me very adult-like, I guess. And so, M and I set off yesterday to get a tree.


I am in love with this little tree for a number of reasons. 1. It’s only a little taller than me. 2. It is not perfectly shaped. 3. It has such an array of Christmas ornaments, in large part thanks to my Mom. Last week, she sent me a package FILLED to the brim with Christmas ornaments. She has a knack for knowing just what I need. These took up a good portion of the tree!

The best part of the tree was putting on the $1 star that I found at Target. Goofy, quirky, perfect.


The entire place is starting to look a bit like Christmas, which I love. I now have plenty of decor to fill the space. From snowmen to stockings, the apartment is cozy and warm. This will be the perfect place to spend Christmas Eve!


I especially love decorating the TV stand. Plenty of space for the stockings, knick knacks and more. Check out the three little elves on the bottom shelf! These are an heirloom and something I treasure.


How is your place looking like Christmas?


One thought on “Rose: A lot like Christmas

  1. Gorgeous tree! I love that so much of your family is involved in the decorations, that’s what makes it really special. I’ve always loved putting up a tree (even though I abhor taking it down) but this year our apartment’s layout is so odd we had no room, so we set up a table top tree and turned that into our little Christmas station with decorations and stockings, which still makes me feel festive. I also have Christmas place mats I bring out and towels, little things to make things feel a little more special. I hope you’re having a great holiday season, Rose!

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