Rose: One Pot Cheesy Turkey Taco (SkinnyTaste)

Last night, I made one of the newest recipes featured on Skinny Taste. I’ve been using this website for years. Her recipes are extremely accessible. Whether you’re following Weight Watchers, eating clean or counting calories, it’s all laid out for you. At the end of each recipe, Gina posts all the nutrition information you need to know.


Unfortunately — as I am prone to do — I did not follow directions to a T. I was moving quickly after work, and I ended up boiling the noodles first. Do not do this! As a result, my dish had a lot more liquid. Still, all things considered, it ended up being remarkably tasty. The spicy tomatoes gave it just a little kick, and the onions and peppers gave it a nice flavoring.

Overall, I would give this a star of approval both in terms of time and nutrition. The meal is pretty clean — if you are avoiding processed foods — and it really only took me about 20-30 minutes total with a tiny bit of chopping. This is the exact kind of recipe I look for after work: something easy, delicious and filling. This hit the spot!


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