Rose: February Intentions

In January, I set a few intentions for myself. Did I accomplish them? Well, yes and no. I have a lot further to go, but just being mindful of these three items kept me going strong.

Be timely. I chose this one because I wanted to start being on time for work. That really didn’t happen. I’m technically supposed to arrive at 8:45 a.m. I got there between 8:50-8:55 a.m. The good news: I was never there past 9 a.m. So while I didn’t hit my target, I was pretty darn close.

Be social. I definitely achieved this one. I ate lunch with my friends or M every single day in the month of January. Taking that break became essential. I found that I worked harder after lunch, and I felt happier throughout the day.

Just be. I always struggle with this one. Just being. Not having a plan. Doing something just because. I had a few moments like this in January but not nearly enough.

So what about February? Well, I’ve lined up some pretty solid intentions to get me through this cold, wintry month.


Go to yoga. I started going to yoga again in January after a long hiatus. How wonderful I felt! It’s hard to put into words, but I actually had both a physical and spiritual awakening during one of my sessions. I feel at peace during this practice, and my mind is much more soothed. I want to go to yoga once per week throughout February.

Write letters. A couple of years back, I participated in a letter writing month during February. I want to do this again. I want to hand write a letter each week in February. Now to pick out those four people … Good thing I have my stationary ready.

Read more. I set a goal to read 10 books this year. It’s a small goal, but I’m a terrible reader. I want to finish a book this month.

Institute Frugal February. Only necessary purchases for 28 days. Time to get crafty with how I spend my time!

What about you? What are your monthly intentions?


Jenna: Glow

I have been having a hard week. I have been in a serious funk since I got back from Florida and it has felt terrible. Multiple people have asked me “what’s wrong?”.  I feel pretty off balance. I know the weather is effecting me a lot (I just want to go on a bike ride!).

Should I stay or should I go? The  question  has popped into my head a few times about various things and situations this week.

This reminded me that life is just a serious of choices, which at times, can be very overwhelming.

We CHOOSE our attitudes, no matter what is handed to us. We CHOOSE to approach things with love, or hate. We are human, and controlling these thoughts and feelings can be hard, but we all have a choice. Once we identify what we want to change, it doesn’t come over night. So in the mean time, I’ve decided to GLOW.

What does glow mean? For me, it means I’ve CHOSEN to focus on what I can control and approach each day as an opportunity to embrace the amazing things in my life, and shut out the things that bring me down. I can focus on what my passions are. I can sweat out my frustrations, go to yoga, drink smoothies, and eat pizza when that is what I need. I can truly listen to people, and not just wait to respond. I can read books, and ask friends to coffee, and get pedicures even though it is the winter. I can plan special things for the people I love, because that makes me feel good.

I will choose to glow and make things better.

Rose: DIY Fruit Bowl

I’m in the midst of a dining room makeover. Thanks to the help of my friend Jenn, I’ve started a pretty great Pinterest board of ideas. I’ve picked my color scheme, and I have a few purchases lined up. I’ll be making these slowly over time to make the project a little more affordable.

I did one project this weekend, sort of on the fly. I just bought this great fruit bowl because I was tired of my fruits and veggies being all over the place. Now I’m saving space in the ‘fridge and having my items on display (so I’ll actually eat them). I looked over at the bowl and thought, “It’s a little dark … maybe I should brighten it up.” I have a couple cans of spray paint on hand, so I decided to take this out to the balcony and give it a coat:


I love the way it turned out. Such an easy project. This probably took me about 5 minutes plus an hour of dry time. But it really gave the dining room a nice pop. And it will be eye catching once the other items are all in place, too.

So excited to get this projected started … I have a lot to do and will be sharing my progress as I go. Stay tuned!

Jenna: Sunburned in a Snowstorm




Oh, to be back there! Last week I was lucky enough to escape to Florida to visit one of my best friends. It was an amazing trip! In a lot of ways, it was exactly what I needed.


Thanks to a few long walks to get coffee, a trip to the gym, and a pretty serious dance party in the living room until midnight, I hit a step goal high for me. Over 18k steps! It was nice to stay active while on my mini vacation.


Friday we actually made it to the beach. I got a pretty serious sunburn thanks to it being cloudy, and not thinking I needed sunscreen for our long walk. I’ve written before about how much I love the beach. It just makes me feel better about … everything. Whenever I’m having a hard time, salt water can fix it – whether that is in the form on ocean, tears, or sweat.

It was amazing to see my friend! We also visited a local brewery while I was there, which is always a great time. I think the tasting set up was my favorite so far! Everyone needs a little popcorn while drinking beer!

jennachristinabrewery tasting plate


This trip was just what I needed, but I’ve also been a little sad since I’ve been back. It reminded me of a time when I was really sure about life and was surrounded by lots of people that just … get me. I still sometimes feel out of place here. That’s for a different day.

Rose: A Low Key Weekend

This weekend was super low key. As much as I want to fill up my weekends with activity, I’m starting to appreciate the quiet downtime. Next weekend I’ll be traveling, so I knew it was important to spend time in my home space. On Saturday, I woke up rather early, took care of a few chores (mostly cooking) and prepared myself for a huge, huge task: cleaning the house.

I did a deep clean of the apartment. It was needed. It took me three hours, but I can tell you my bathroom floors have never been so clean.


Later that day, we had an impromptu game night with a few friends. I got to enjoy some red wine — a new favorite of mine — and a tasty recipe. I’ve been really watching my calories, so it was night to indulge just a little like this. We played a game called Flux that I’m still not sure I understand. But it’s always fun to learn something new.


I served a few simple dips for my guests — mild salsa, mediterranean hummus and beet hummus. I’ve also been addicted to these rice crisps I found at Trader Joe’s. A serving size is 38 crisps for 120 calories. Seriously, you can’t beat that, and if you have a chip addiction, this can help with that.


Simple. Low key. The way weekends should be. While I didn’t tackle an endless to-do list, I did get a few things done and had fun with my friends to boot. I’d call that a pretty great weekend.