Rose: Rent the Runway

Over the weekend, I had my first experience with Rent the Runway. This is a service where you can rent designer gowns for a fraction of their original price. Most of the dresses I’ve seen are in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 to buy. But you can rent the dress or gown for around $100. This is perfect if you have a special occasion but don’t want to spend money on a dress you won’t wear again. I had just that event on Friday — Super Friday — where I was required to wear white at am exclusive event for Team Beachbody coaches.

I’m not a fan of white. I am on the paler side, so it’s not entirely flattering. And I knew that if I bought a dress, I’d likely never wear it again. I’d been wanting to try Rent the Runway for a while, and I had a coupon code. I figured this was a good time to see how it worked.

I decided to rent my dress for 10 days, even though I didn’t need it that long. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to return it before the Friday night event and get it replaced. Turns out they actually overnight you a dress if it doesn’t work out. Still, I was nervous, so I figured a longer rental time made sense. I reserved the dress in December and it arrived promptly last Monday in this bag.

photo 2

The container was just like a garment bag. It unzipped and the dress was inside on a hanger and protective lining. They even included lotion and a pack of gum, which I thought was a nice touch. Inside was a pocket containing easy-to-follow directions on how to return the dress. I eagerly opened the package and tried on my dress immediately. I’d ordered a size 6 and was pleasantly pleased to see it fit like a glove.


I wore the dress for several hours on Friday night, and it was comfortable throughout. I loved how the front could either open up (it’s a zipper) or be closed. I opted for the slightly open look. The dress was shorter than I normally wear, but that wasn’t an issue. We were inside throughout the event, so cold wasn’t a factor. Plus I got to finally wear my new red shoes, which I loved.

Stay tuned for a recap of our night … We had a great time and have a lot to share about some upcoming workouts scheduled to debut in February!



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