Rose: A Little Organization

Sunday was a very bad weather day, so it was time for a little closet organization. The closet in my guest room has quickly become the place where things go to die. As a result, it looked something like this:


Yeah. I know. It’s bad. Every time I would reach for a suitcase, or try to pull out Christmas decorations, something would inevitably fall. No system at all. Plus, there are boxes upon boxes in this closet of old photographs that need to be stored properly. That’s why I bought four giant tupperware containers, two for Christmas decor and two for photographs, tapes and old memorabilia. After several hours of M and I working collectively, the end result was perfect:


By simply moving the dry rack, I can now get to my suitcases with ease. I can clearly see what’s in the bins, and I was even able to add some of my workout equipment. It may not look straight out of a magazine, but you know, it’s the little things sometimes that can feel like a big win. This before and after is all the proof I need.



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