Rose: A Low Key Weekend

This weekend was super low key. As much as I want to fill up my weekends with activity, I’m starting to appreciate the quiet downtime. Next weekend I’ll be traveling, so I knew it was important to spend time in my home space. On Saturday, I woke up rather early, took care of a few chores (mostly cooking) and prepared myself for a huge, huge task: cleaning the house.

I did a deep clean of the apartment. It was needed. It took me three hours, but I can tell you my bathroom floors have never been so clean.


Later that day, we had an impromptu game night with a few friends. I got to enjoy some red wine — a new favorite of mine — and a tasty recipe. I’ve been really watching my calories, so it was night to indulge just a little like this. We played a game called Flux that I’m still not sure I understand. But it’s always fun to learn something new.


I served a few simple dips for my guests — mild salsa, mediterranean hummus and beet hummus. I’ve also been addicted to these rice crisps I found at Trader Joe’s. A serving size is 38 crisps for 120 calories. Seriously, you can’t beat that, and if you have a chip addiction, this can help with that.


Simple. Low key. The way weekends should be. While I didn’t tackle an endless to-do list, I did get a few things done and had fun with my friends to boot. I’d call that a pretty great weekend.


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