Rose: DIY Fruit Bowl

I’m in the midst of a dining room makeover. Thanks to the help of my friend Jenn, I’ve started a pretty great Pinterest board of ideas. I’ve picked my color scheme, and I have a few purchases lined up. I’ll be making these slowly over time to make the project a little more affordable.

I did one project this weekend, sort of on the fly. I just bought this great fruit bowl because I was tired of my fruits and veggies being all over the place. Now I’m saving space in the ‘fridge and having my items on display (so I’ll actually eat them). I looked over at the bowl and thought, “It’s a little dark … maybe I should brighten it up.” I have a couple cans of spray paint on hand, so I decided to take this out to the balcony and give it a coat:


I love the way it turned out. Such an easy project. This probably took me about 5 minutes plus an hour of dry time. But it really gave the dining room a nice pop. And it will be eye catching once the other items are all in place, too.

So excited to get this projected started … I have a lot to do and will be sharing my progress as I go. Stay tuned!


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