Jenna: Glow

I have been having a hard week. I have been in a serious funk since I got back from Florida and it has felt terrible. Multiple people have asked me “what’s wrong?”.  I feel pretty off balance. I know the weather is effecting me a lot (I just want to go on a bike ride!).

Should I stay or should I go? The  question  has popped into my head a few times about various things and situations this week.

This reminded me that life is just a serious of choices, which at times, can be very overwhelming.

We CHOOSE our attitudes, no matter what is handed to us. We CHOOSE to approach things with love, or hate. We are human, and controlling these thoughts and feelings can be hard, but we all have a choice. Once we identify what we want to change, it doesn’t come over night. So in the mean time, I’ve decided to GLOW.

What does glow mean? For me, it means I’ve CHOSEN to focus on what I can control and approach each day as an opportunity to embrace the amazing things in my life, and shut out the things that bring me down. I can focus on what my passions are. I can sweat out my frustrations, go to yoga, drink smoothies, and eat pizza when that is what I need. I can truly listen to people, and not just wait to respond. I can read books, and ask friends to coffee, and get pedicures even though it is the winter. I can plan special things for the people I love, because that makes me feel good.

I will choose to glow and make things better.

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