Rose: February Intentions

In January, I set a few intentions for myself. Did I accomplish them? Well, yes and no. I have a lot further to go, but just being mindful of these three items kept me going strong.

Be timely. I chose this one because I wanted to start being on time for work. That really didn’t happen. I’m technically supposed to arrive at 8:45 a.m. I got there between 8:50-8:55 a.m. The good news: I was never there past 9 a.m. So while I didn’t hit my target, I was pretty darn close.

Be social. I definitely achieved this one. I ate lunch with my friends or M every single day in the month of January. Taking that break became essential. I found that I worked harder after lunch, and I felt happier throughout the day.

Just be. I always struggle with this one. Just being. Not having a plan. Doing something just because. I had a few moments like this in January but not nearly enough.

So what about February? Well, I’ve lined up some pretty solid intentions to get me through this cold, wintry month.


Go to yoga. I started going to yoga again in January after a long hiatus. How wonderful I felt! It’s hard to put into words, but I actually had both a physical and spiritual awakening during one of my sessions. I feel at peace during this practice, and my mind is much more soothed. I want to go to yoga once per week throughout February.

Write letters. A couple of years back, I participated in a letter writing month during February. I want to do this again. I want to hand write a letter each week in February. Now to pick out those four people … Good thing I have my stationary ready.

Read more. I set a goal to read 10 books this year. It’s a small goal, but I’m a terrible reader. I want to finish a book this month.

Institute Frugal February. Only necessary purchases for 28 days. Time to get crafty with how I spend my time!

What about you? What are your monthly intentions?


2 thoughts on “Rose: February Intentions

  1. These intentions are great! February is such a hard month for me, so I may need to set some intentions as well. I have been thinking of returning to yoga as well, but the classes at my gym just don’t cut it and I’m not good at instituting my own practice. The Frugal February idea most definitely needs to happen. Needs. To. Happen.

    Have a great February Rose!

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