Jenna: Be Well Philly Candlelight Hot Yoga

Last night I had the chance to take a free hot yoga class sponsored by Be Well Philly.


I had taken a class at this studio once before, and really liked it – however, usually the classes are around $25 to drop in. The room gets to about 90 degrees before it is packed with people, so you’re sweating for sure. The class was actually taught by someone from Philly Yoga Factory, which is a donation based yoga collective. Pay what you want!

I liked the teacher a lot. There was a good mix of asanas and just enough vigor to get the blood flowing without feeling too overwhelming.


(I’m all the way towards the end of that photo. You can spot me in my bright blue pants and black tank)

The photographer posted this really goofy one of me at the end, trying to figure out where the group photo was going to take place:


Nothing like a sweaty group photo with a bunch of smelly strangers! ha!


Be Well Philly sponsors lots of great fitness events and is my main source of fit information in the area. Be sure to like them on Facebook and check them out if you’re around! Their Be Well Philly Underground Events (which this one was) fills up within minutes, so be sure you RSVP ASAP!



Jenna: Shack Track & Field Winter Duathlon

I saw this event pop up on Facebook last month and I immediately RSVP’d. Flywheel , running, cheeseburgers and beer?! Right up my alley.

shack_flywheel log


I love this piece of marketing that Shake Shack does – they organize athletic events and running clubs through their locations. It’s like, “We get that our food is indulgent, but you deserve it once in a while after working hard. And our ingredients are fresh and natural!”. I can get behind that!

Last night, we started off meeting at Flywheel for a 7:45p class. Water courtesy of Shake Shack!


After a SUPER sweaty and tough 45 minute class, the group set out to run to the University City location that is about 2 miles away. Thank to adrenaline and being really sweaty, the freezing temperatures didn’t feel so bad. It was also an awesome view of the river.



Once we arrived, Shake Shack provided the first beer, soda, or milkshake on the house! I grabbed a burger and fries too. After fighting a stomach bug this week, I was ready to EAT!


This event was so much fun. I was ready to get out of the house, move my body, and meet some new people. CHECK! I talked to a woman who is currently getting certified to teach Yoga. I picked her brain, and plan to try out a few of her classes. Another gal that sat with us gave me some great pointers on triathlon training and which half marathons in the city to try. I love connecting with fit-minded people.

Thank you Shake Shack!

(Most of the photos above courtesy of the Shack Track and Field Facebook page. Check them out.)


Rose: Max 30 Review & Results

In December, I embarked upon a new workout program called Insanity Max 30. Inspired by the original Insanity program, this new workout plan consists of five 30-minute workouts each week, combining cardio, strength and endurance. With the help of two challenge groups, I was able to finish this 60-day program. And I’m more than pleased with my results:

Max30results sideview

Thanks to this program, I lost 8 pounds. I’m far more toned than I was before and have much more endurance. My face is thinner, and my arms and legs are much more muscular. I am also starting to see a wee bit of ab definition. Beyond all of that, I am just happier. You can tell it by the smile on my face. I am strong, healthy and feel beautiful from the inside out.

By now, you probably all know I’m a huge fan of Shaun T and the Beachbody workouts in general. Shaun is the creator of this series and sparked my fitness journey two years ago. While I’d always been active, it wasn’t until I started completing his programs that I really saw results. And with the help of my fellow challengers, I stayed focus — even during Christmas and New Year’s, not an easy feat!

What I loved most about this program was the variety. Every day was a new routine. Some days it was cardio. Other days it was tabata (30-45 second intense movements, followed by a short break). At the end of the week, I completed the Friday Fight. All week lead up to this routine, and by Friday, you felt able to attack it. And you don’t need any equipment — you use your own body weight as resistance!

I also enjoyed the format. Each day you record your “max-out time.” This is the moment in which you have to stop or break form. The next week, this is your goal. Beat that time. For the most part, I was pretty successful. There were only a few times where I hit the same max-out time or did worse. All in all, I’d say I got better each week.

I also loved the length of the program. Five workouts plus a light workout on Saturdays. Each 30 minutes. Totally doable for the working girl trying to balance the nine to five and a whole lot of other things.

I’m so happy with this program, I’m going to keep doing it daily. I’ve already restarted Month 2 and can’t wait to see what further results this brings.

Any questions? Click here if you have questions about the program or want more information.

Rose: Things Lately

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life has taken … a turn.

Last Tuesday evening, I got a phone call I’ve been dreading probably my entire life. My stepmom said that my father had failed a stress test and was rushed to the hospital. He needed open heart surgery – a quadruple bypass. It would happen that week.

Tuesday night was bad. Unfortunately, it got even worse as the days stretched on.

I drove to Johnstown on Wednesday and spent time with my dad. We talked, laughed and prepared ourselves for his surgery. I felt surrounded by the love and support of family and friends. I was nervous, but I had a feeling he’d pull through just fine. The doctor said he had a 99 percent success rate. That gave me peace of mind that he’d be okay.

Fast forward to Friday. The surgery went as well as expected. He even woke up sooner than they thought he would. I’ll never forget the feeling I had just being by his side that day. Relief. Joy. Love.


But those feelings of relief unfortunately didn’t last. The evening of that same day, my dad began bleeding internally. He was rushed back into the operating room for a second surgery.

It’s pretty hard to put into words how I was feeling during this time. But it’s safe to say I was stunned, a bit shocked and very scared.

A lot of things pulled me through that second surgery. M being there. My family staying close. Higher powers. Keeping the faith. And just trusting and believing that he’d come out on the other side.

And that he did. It was a long, slow recovery in the days that followed. And I will be forever grateful that I was there throughout it all, beside him.

It goes without saying that of all the people in my life, my dad tops the charts. And I’m so glad that he’s going home.

Jenna: V Day ideas for your fit gal pal

Whether you’re buying a Valentine’s gift for your significant other or friend, it can be hard to think of ideas that are outside the candy box.

Here are a few:

Gift certificate for a group exercise class: These can often range from $10-$30 so a spin class or yoga class they’ve been wanting to try is perfect. It’ll also tell them that you actually listen when they talk.

New workout gear: You don’t have to break the bank: Target, Forever 21, and Marshall’s all have great stuff.
If you’re looking for something small, a new headband is a great idea.

Partner yoga class: There are a TON of these on Valentine’s Day every year. Most don’t’ require yoga skills, so take a chance. You won’t regret it.

A heart healthy juice: Swing by the local juice bar and surprise her with a Blood Orange, Beet, Pineapple, & Lime blend. If you’re in Philly, grab it here.


Happy V Day to you and yours!