Rose: Max 30 Review & Results

In December, I embarked upon a new workout program called Insanity Max 30. Inspired by the original Insanity program, this new workout plan consists of five 30-minute workouts each week, combining cardio, strength and endurance. With the help of two challenge groups, I was able to finish this 60-day program. And I’m more than pleased with my results:

Max30results sideview

Thanks to this program, I lost 8 pounds. I’m far more toned than I was before and have much more endurance. My face is thinner, and my arms and legs are much more muscular. I am also starting to see a wee bit of ab definition. Beyond all of that, I am just happier. You can tell it by the smile on my face. I am strong, healthy and feel beautiful from the inside out.

By now, you probably all know I’m a huge fan of Shaun T and the Beachbody workouts in general. Shaun is the creator of this series and sparked my fitness journey two years ago. While I’d always been active, it wasn’t until I started completing his programs that I really saw results. And with the help of my fellow challengers, I stayed focus — even during Christmas and New Year’s, not an easy feat!

What I loved most about this program was the variety. Every day was a new routine. Some days it was cardio. Other days it was tabata (30-45 second intense movements, followed by a short break). At the end of the week, I completed the Friday Fight. All week lead up to this routine, and by Friday, you felt able to attack it. And you don’t need any equipment — you use your own body weight as resistance!

I also enjoyed the format. Each day you record your “max-out time.” This is the moment in which you have to stop or break form. The next week, this is your goal. Beat that time. For the most part, I was pretty successful. There were only a few times where I hit the same max-out time or did worse. All in all, I’d say I got better each week.

I also loved the length of the program. Five workouts plus a light workout on Saturdays. Each 30 minutes. Totally doable for the working girl trying to balance the nine to five and a whole lot of other things.

I’m so happy with this program, I’m going to keep doing it daily. I’ve already restarted Month 2 and can’t wait to see what further results this brings.

Any questions? Click here if you have questions about the program or want more information.


5 thoughts on “Rose: Max 30 Review & Results

  1. Do whatever you have to do to make sure you can stick to your guns and be strong.
    Practice a series of simple, three move, self defense counter attacks until
    they are well conditioned. Okay, so just what test are
    you actually going to get.

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