Jenna: Shack Track & Field Winter Duathlon

I saw this event pop up on Facebook last month and I immediately RSVP’d. Flywheel , running, cheeseburgers and beer?! Right up my alley.

shack_flywheel log


I love this piece of marketing that Shake Shack does – they organize athletic events and running clubs through their locations. It’s like, “We get that our food is indulgent, but you deserve it once in a while after working hard. And our ingredients are fresh and natural!”. I can get behind that!

Last night, we started off meeting at Flywheel for a 7:45p class. Water courtesy of Shake Shack!


After a SUPER sweaty and tough 45 minute class, the group set out to run to the University City location that is about 2 miles away. Thank to adrenaline and being really sweaty, the freezing temperatures didn’t feel so bad. It was also an awesome view of the river.



Once we arrived, Shake Shack provided the first beer, soda, or milkshake on the house! I grabbed a burger and fries too. After fighting a stomach bug this week, I was ready to EAT!


This event was so much fun. I was ready to get out of the house, move my body, and meet some new people. CHECK! I talked to a woman who is currently getting certified to teach Yoga. I picked her brain, and plan to try out a few of her classes. Another gal that sat with us gave me some great pointers on triathlon training and which half marathons in the city to try. I love connecting with fit-minded people.

Thank you Shake Shack!

(Most of the photos above courtesy of the Shack Track and Field Facebook page. Check them out.)



3 thoughts on “Jenna: Shack Track & Field Winter Duathlon

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