Jenna: Be Well Philly Candlelight Hot Yoga

Last night I had the chance to take a free hot yoga class sponsored by Be Well Philly.


I had taken a class at this studio once before, and really liked it – however, usually the classes are around $25 to drop in. The room gets to about 90 degrees before it is packed with people, so you’re sweating for sure. The class was actually taught by someone from Philly Yoga Factory, which is a donation based yoga collective. Pay what you want!

I liked the teacher a lot. There was a good mix of asanas and just enough vigor to get the blood flowing without feeling too overwhelming.


(I’m all the way towards the end of that photo. You can spot me in my bright blue pants and black tank)

The photographer posted this really goofy one of me at the end, trying to figure out where the group photo was going to take place:


Nothing like a sweaty group photo with a bunch of smelly strangers! ha!


Be Well Philly sponsors lots of great fitness events and is my main source of fit information in the area. Be sure to like them on Facebook and check them out if you’re around! Their Be Well Philly Underground Events (which this one was) fills up within minutes, so be sure you RSVP ASAP!



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