Rose: March Intentions

February was a blur. It always happens that way. But this year was even more complex than usual. My dad had his surgery. Work was insane. And M and I got engaged (yay!). Certainly a month to remember for a number of reasons.

It may not be surprising that I didn’t expertly handle all of my February intentions. But I did better than I have in the past at some of these things. Let’s quickly review:

Go to yoga. I would say that I accomplished this. It has now become part of my routine to do yoga each Thursday. Even better: I hang out with my girlfriends afterward and drink tea. It’s become a ritual.

Write letters. I didn’t write a ton of letters, but I had many thank you’s to give after my dad’s surgery. Those went out promptly, so I’d consider this goal half-met.

Read more. I did okay with this, mostly because I had a lot of time at the hospital. I’m still not doing well at instituting reading time at home, though. Too many distractions.

Institute Frugal February. This was a fail. I didn’t overspend, but being away from home made it a costly month. Trips across Pennsylvania and lots of food-on-the-go racked up the expenses.

But good thing it’s time for another month!


Start running again. Jenna and I are officially signed up to run the Philadelphia 10-miler in May. I’m hanging up the Pittsburgh half marathon for this race, and I’m pretty excited. Three less miles sounds a lot easier, and I’m ready to hit the canal trail again. It will feel good to move freely the way running allows, too.

Read more. I’m adding this back to the list since I didn’t read enough in February. At least 10-15 minutes per night. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Budget better. There are going to be many expenses in the upcoming year. That means I need to come up with a budget and stick with it as much as possible.

Get outside. I don’t mind winter, but now that it’s nearing its end, maybe I can spend more time walking and sitting outside? That would be lovely.

What are your monthly intentions?


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