Rose: Back to Running

Every spring, I sign up for a long-distance race. This has become a tradition of sorts, as I’m a fare weather runner and only like to run during spring and fall. In years past, I’ve also completed the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I’ve been hooked on this race since my first half in 2009 and have done four half marathons and a relay in the city. The terrain is rolling with slight hills and beautiful views. But, now that I live in New Jersey, trekking back to Pittsburgh for a long race is bit harder to do.

Last year, Jenna ran the Broad Street 10-Mile Race, which was on the same day as the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. Last year, I decided it’d be far easier to run a long distance race close to home, and so we both signed up for this year’s Broad Street Run, which is May 3.

I’d be lying if I said I felt prepared for this. While 10 miles feels far less than daunting than 13.1, I just don’t feel built for running anymore. I’ve come to rely on my high intensity workouts (like Max: 30) which provide not only a great cardio boost but also resistance training. All of this said, I still enjoy the peace I get from running outside. And I’m being reminded of this with each training run …


The street near my apartment after a quick burst of snowfall.

Over the weekend, I was forced to hit the pavement for my long run. The trail was far too snowy given Friday’s dusting, and the road provided the most clear surface area. I dreaded this run — I needed to put in a good four or five miles, and I haven’t ran that far since last year at this time. Plus, pavement running also puts a hurting on my body.

While it took me a little while to get moving, I ended up finishing my four miles in about 45 minutes. I’m not fast — never have been — so this is far better than I expected. In the end, it was a really fun run; I watched the show fall from the trees, and I rocked out to my favorite 80s tunes. With no one around, I even had a little fun dancing in the street (if you can imagine that.) While I pulled something in my lower back — don’t worry, I’m fine — I ended up feeling so great by the end. And I burned far more calories than in my normal workouts, too.

That’s the thing about running. Even if it feels like a huge pain — suiting up, hitting the outdoors, etc. — I always end my runs feeling rejuvenated and at peace. Now if I could just get myself to remember that as I’m getting ready to head outside. It might make the process a whole lot easier.

Are you training for anything right now?


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