Rose: Self Care Support Group

Over the past year or more, I’ve run several fitness and clean eating challenge groups. These groups are designed to give people the accountability they need to reach their goal.

Throughout these groups, I’ve started noticing a trend: the need to take care of one’s self.

We discuss these issues often in my groups — whether it’s turning off technology and being present, getting enough sleep or taking time to meditate — we often fail to do the things that would bring us ultimate joy.

I’ve been there. I overcommit myself, say yes far too often and find myself glued to my phone far too often. It’s like my mind and my body refuse to take a break. In many ways, this is why I love exercise because it gives me this sense of peace. But I find that lately I’m craving a more structured plan. I want to be thoughtful and aware of myself. It’s not selfish to be good to yourself. It’s the best way to keep going.

And these are the reasons I’m teaming up with my friend Andrea for our next challenge: the Self Care Support Group.


While this idea has been floating around in my head, it really came to fruition because of my friend Andrea. She recently signed up as a Beachbody coach on my team and is quickly finding a niche in leading outside-of-the-box challenge groups. A longtime challenger of mine, Andrea contributes to our current group in very thoughtful ways. That’s why I was thrilled when she asked if I wanted to partner up with her on this challenge.

Do you need to make more time for yourself? Don’t let the text above seem daunting. If you are addicted to your phone, hate meditating and skip workouts, we won’t judge. We know what it’s like! And we don’t discriminate. All you need to have is a goal for yourself. It can be as simple as: “Get enough sleep each night” or “Start eating better.” You can start off simple and small.

There are absolutely ZERO requirements to join. All you need to have is a little motivation and the desire to make a change in your life. In this group, we’ll provide daily content and feedback regarding your goals. We’ll also provide you with the resources you need to really make a change.

Want to join us? Comment on this post, and we’ll add you to the group. If you don’t have FB, we’d still like to work with you through email, so please message us!


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