Rose: April Intentions

I promise this is not an April Fools’ Day joke. My intentions for the month are very real and honest! And I need to stick with them …

But first, let’s review how I did last month — which comes with some mixed results.

Start running again. Well, I have done this … but I wouldn’t say I’ve been happy about it. Running has become more of a forced march for me. While I’m out, it’s mostly fine. It’s carving out time for it which seems difficult. The weather has played a role — it’s been dreary and cold lately. And I’m just not into the swing of it mentally. But all that said, I will complete the 10-miler in May.

Read more. I said I’d read 10 minutes a night, and it still didn’t happen. Maybe reading should get booted from the list. That said, I did buy a new book, and I’m halfway through it. So maybe it’s not a daily activity for me (since I read so much at work), but it could be a good Sunday night treat instead.

Budget better. This is happening. The biggest move to help this was opening up a joint credit card with M for the wedding and our shared bills. I feel we have a better handle on all the financials in our life, and it seems pretty manageable at the moment.

Get outside. We’ve gotten more walks in during the evenings, but the weather has still made it difficult to fully embrace the outdoors.

So what’s on tap for April intentions?


More freelance work. At this point, I’m signing up for any work I can. Need that extra cash for the wedding. The goal is to not touch the savings account and pay for items as we go. At this point, it’s completely do-able.

Send out Save the Dates. I’m now that girl. Wedding planning has begun. The big goal for the month is to send out our Save the Dates so people can get the wedding on their radar (which is officially January 16, 2016).

More dates! But not the scheduling kind. M and I want to go on more weekend trips and dates together. While we enjoy our time together during the weeknights, the time is often so short, and we’re exhausted. Now we’re trying for more fun outings throughout the month of April and beyond.

Focus on fitness. Running has put a crimp into my fitness life. I want to get back into my Beachbody workouts on my off days and invest more time in my coaching biz. It fell off the radar big time in February and March.


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