Rose: Running Lately

I jokingly put this post up on Instagram the other day. But I guess it wasn’t entirely a joke.

photo 2

Running has been especially difficult for me this time around. When it comes to training for a long race, I am usually motivated and determined. But this year has been different, and I’ve been struggling to figure out why.

What I’ve concluded is that I’ve finally found my “love workout,” and that’s Max: 30. Never in my life have I seen such results from a program. I’ve also never enjoyed such an exercise program before.

That made it a little hard to start using those same shoes for running. Not to mention that winter lingered far too long, and running outside was unbearable at times for a wimp like me.

All of that said, there is still hope. The race is in three weeks, and while I haven’t run beyond 7 miles, I still feel strong. Thankfully, I had a good foundation thanks to Max 30. It’s amazing how your body can tackle different workouts when you are strong all over. For this, I am thankful.

photo 1

On Saturday, Jenna and I ran together. I did 7 miles, and she did 8. We talked almost the entire time, and I ran much faster trying to keep up with her. It felt good. It felt the way running should — invigorating, joyful. Perhaps what I’ve been missing is a good running buddy. Or just a generally good outlook.

Regardless, I am starting to enjoy running a bit more. While I don’t think I’ll be logging a ton of mileage the rest of this year, I am happy that I’ll be running this race — for better or worse. I have no doubt that I’ll finish and feel good about myself once it’s over.

Are you training for anything? Share your thoughts with us!


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