Rose & Jenna: Training Update

In just about 2 weeks, Rose and Jenna will be tackling the Broad Street Run 10 miler. It is exciting to do a race together! This one happens to be 40,000 strong, so the event is pretty amazing.

We wanted to share updates on our training, and how running has been going for us.

What do you usually drink and eat to prepare for a long run?

Jenna: I use to not fuel properly before runs because I was afraid of having digestive issues. This left me running on empty toward the end. Now, I try to plan my long runs around 10am. I wake up around 8am and drink at least a liter of water and eat some carbs and protein. I then give it a good 90 minutes to digest. This has really worked for me so far this year.

Rose: I can tell you what NOT to eat — hardboiled eggs! Those mess me up, and I’ve learned the hard way. Before short runs, I now try to eat a light protein like almonds about two hours before I run. That works for me, otherwise I get a bad case of heartburn. As far as long runs, I drink Shakeology with a banana and almond milk. I let that digest for at least an hour before heading out for my run.

How many times a week have you been running?

Jenna: I have only been running about twice a week. I think this would have had to be more if I wasn’t already in fightin’ shape, but the distances have been pretty easy for me. I usually run 3-4 during the week, and then a long run (did 8 last weekend) on Saturday or Sunday.

Rose: Admittedly, I’ve only been running two times per week, sometimes three. I wish it was more — like in years past — but I haven’t had my running mojo this time around. In addition to these runs, I also do Max 30 and yoga on the other days, so I definitely feel strong enough to complete the race. I’m interested to see how this lack of training may affect my time.

What cross training workouts have helped prepare your body for running?

Jenna: I’ve been really working on keeping my hips and core strong. This has helped so much. I have a lot of knee pain when I run, and keeping these muscles strong has really helped alleviate that pain. I’ve also been doing 2-3 total body boot camp style classes a week and working in spin and yoga.

Rose: I never miss my weekly yoga. I go on Thursday nights, which I think really prepares me for a long run on Saturdays. I also mix in strength training via Max 30. I especially focus on working my arm muscles during these workouts, since I’m not getting that same impact through running. I also go walking most days at lunch.

Any pre race rituals? Jenna: I try to drink a lot of water and PEE! I made that mistake last year … it’s hard for me to eat really early, and race time is 8am. I’ll have to force down some food and probably take some gel packs with me.

Rose: I’m a firm believer in a bagel and peanut butter. It’s the ultimate combination. The carbs in the bagel gives you mad energy and the peanut butter has enough protein to sustain you for the next hour plus of running.

We’d also like to address post-run hunger. Also known as “runger”…

Jenna: This is why so many people gain weight training for long distance runs! You may burn 700-900 calories, but your body craves more like 1500! I’ve tried to allow myself the carbs when I know I need them, but I’ve been focused on keeping portions in check.

Rose: I can totally see why people gain weight. I feel like I’ve been starving for the past month. I even checked MyFitnessPal, and I have been eating more calories than in February-March. This is one of the big reasons I’m looking forward to ending training. I don’t like feeling hungry all of that time! That said, I make the most of water, fruits and veggies. And like Jenna, I allow myself carbs when I need them but continue to track all of my meals and indulge when needed.

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