Jenna: Yoga, Rest, Run

This past weekend was one of my first “free” ones in a while. I was feeling really run down at the end of last week thanks to stress, allergies, and some tough workouts. I decided to rest and was in bed by 9:30pm Friday night. Rock on. I wasn’t the only one that was sleepy.


This rest had me ready to get out of the house. One of my favorite things about the warmer weather is all the outdoor (usually free!) workouts that happen around the city. I road my bike a little over 2 miles to the river and took part in a 9:30am yoga class.


The views and sunshine were absolutely amazing. The Delaware River Waterfront offers these classes each day of the week. You can check out the schedule here. I was also so happy to see how popular it has gotten since last year.

After that, my roommate and I biked to a local coffee place and sat outside and chatted. It was such a lovely morning!

I decided to stay in and rest Saturday night too. This was hard. I was that terrible mix of bored and tired. I made the right decision, and ran my fastest 5k to date on Sunday.


Boom! The rest of Sunday was spent with the boyfriends family. A restful and fitness focused weekend. As my allergies start to kick back up (if anyone has any natural remedies, PLEASE SHARE!!) I know I need to work more rest into my routine.


One thought on “Jenna: Yoga, Rest, Run

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