Jenna: Food lately

Food lately has been hard for me. I’ve found myself justifying eating decisions like this:


mmm bacon.

The working out part of the equation has been easy for me lately. I’ve enjoyed my workouts, mixed it up enough not to get bored, and I can see progress. However, eating has been a real struggle.

I was looking through posts from last year, and I think I was in the same spot. I think as the weather gets nicer, there are more natural temptations. My allergies also start to go crazy, and when I’m tired and run down I crave junk. I made a goal of tracking my food this week – that happened one day. ONE. Sigh. I have got to get this figured out. Now is the time I should be hunkering down, because after this weekend I don’t have a free/unscheduled Saturday until June 27th. Isn’t that insane?

OH, summer. I love it but it gets so booked and so crazy. Here is my game plan:

Focus on what I can control. The meals that I’m totally on my own and left to my own devices need to be proper portions and full of good nutrients. No excuses.

Limit eating out to social occasions where there is an invite. Or get together. No grabbing Chipotle on my own cause I’m lazy and tired. Limit these to 3 times a week, max.

Limit alcohol consumption to weekends only, and in moderation. 

Grocery shop with a list and plan each weekend. Often times when I have lots of travel I don’t grocery shop and just wing it, but that never leads to good behavior or choices.
I want to have a good summer. I don’t want to feel like crap because I’ve made silly food choices. Here’s hoping I can get it together!


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