Rose & Jenna: The Broad Street Run

On Sunday, we ran the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, a 10-mile race in Philadelphia. Since we both had different experiences with the race, we thought we’d share through a joint blog post. We hope you enjoy our race recaps, complete with in-action photographs!

Q. So, how did it go? What was your time? And how do feel it went overall?

Rose: This race went much better than I expected. I was pretty nervous going into it, considering I didn’t train as much as I usually do for half marathons. In the end, it didn’t matter. I actually enjoyed running down Broad Street and ended up with a pretty solid time for me: 1:52. I paced around an 11:15/mile. That’s similar to my usual times, so I was pretty pleased.

Rose around mile 6 -- feeling happy and motivated.

Rose around mile 6 — feeling happy and motivated.

Jenna: This race went really well for me. I was concerned about my knee causing me pain, but I really didn’t feel it until the very end. This led to one of my best times yet. I completed it at a 9:48 pace and finished in an hour and 37 minutes. I did stop to use the bathroom last year, but I beat my previous time by over 16 minutes. Overall I feel great.

Q. At any point, did you struggle? How did you overcome it?

Rose: I started to really feel the wear and tear around mile 8. Up until that point, I’d felt no pain. I just had to tell myself: You are so close. You can do this. Those last two miles were totally and completely a mental battle, but I made it.

Jenna: I really didn’t struggle until mile 8.5. I could feel my legs getting really heavy. I made sure to stop at the next water station and swished it in my mouth to cool down. I honestly just kept telling myself “This is just mental. You feel great. Just keep pushing.” I also kept my GPS in my hand the next mile so I could see how close I was getting to the end.

Smiling at the finish!

Smiling at the finish!

Q. What was your favorite part of the race? What did you enjoy about it the most?

Rose: When it was over! No, I’m joking — though that part was nice (see below). I actually loved the energy at this race. I was constantly surrounded by people. And I loved watching how the neighborhood changed as I ran down Broad. Amazing how different it gets throughout those 10 miles. I didn’t even listen to headphones — didn’t need them, as the noise from the fans was enough. It was also a beautiful day to run.

The best part: finishing!

The best part: finishing!

Jenna: I like how the whole city comes out to watch the race. It’s pretty incredible that they shut down the main road through the city to make this happen. I enjoy the energy, reading the posters, and the “high fives” from random strangers.

Q. How did this race compare with others you’ve run, or past Broad Street Runs?

Rose: This race was HUGE! I couldn’t believe how many runners there were. Everyone was packed in at several times. I think they do the best they can to accommodate this. Rides on the subway were free for runners (score!), and we all got our nice, shiny medals at the end. I think they could probably organize the finish line a little better, but I’m sure it’s difficult with all the runners. I personally like the Pittsburgh Half Marathon better than Broad Street (more varied scenery) but I would probably do this again.

Jenna: This race is so huge, that I know it must be a beast to organize. I know a lot of people had complaints about logistics this year, but I think for something this large (40,000 people) they do a pretty darn good job of making it happen. It’s fully staffed with volunteers, so I appreciate everyone that gives up their Sunday to come out and contribute. That’s really how I would say it compares – its bigger than any race I’ve ever heard of, so you just have to plan ahead and be patient with everything.

Q. The big question: Will you do it again?!

Rose: This year I told M: “Remind me how much I hate training when I say I want to run another race.” Sooooo … it is hard to say if I will run this again. I likely will, if all the conditions are right. Now that I know I don’t have to train so hard, I feel a lot better. Though it would’ve been nice to get a few more miles under my belt to improve my time. So I guess my answer is: We’ll see.

Jenna and Rose right after the race.

Jenna and Rose right after the race.

Jenna: I don’t want to put it in writing here, but I know it will be hard to say “no” when that reminder email comes through! I love Broad Street and can definitely see myself doing it again. I almost feel like I’d feel left out in the future if I didn’t participate. It’s been such a big accomplishment for me personally. I’m considering a 10k in August, and the big question on my mind now is if I want to tackle a half marathon next!


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