Rose: Refresh’n (Again)

This week, I did another round of the 3-Day Refresh. I wanted to write another review because my experience this time was pretty different. I thought it best to record this for those who are considering doing this program — but want to know what to expect.

For those who care about the numbers: I’ve done the Refresh three times before and have lost 5 pounds, 3 pounds, 5 pounds, respectively.

This time, I lost 4 pounds.


I decided to do the Refresh again because, ever since the Broad Street Run, I’ve been consuming far too many processed carbs and fruity beverages. I felt pretty bloated and a little unhappy. I knew I needed a jumpstart. A push from a friend led me to create a Facebook event, where we could all do the 3-Day Refresh together.

[Disclaimer: I didn’t follow the program to a T. I drank coffee with half n’ half while on the 3-Day Refresh. Half n’ half is not allowed. I also drank Shakeology instead of a Vanilla Fresh for one of my dinners, and the last night, I skipped the Vanilla Fresh altogether. I wouldn’t totally recommend this (you need to drink it for the protein, carbs and fats), but I just couldn’t stomach the vanilla one more time. I start to tire of the taste.]

Day 1. This is typically my worst day on the Refresh. I usually feel irritable from the lack of caffeine. Not the case this time, probably because I consumed my regular coffee. I got through the day with tons of energy. Honestly, this is the best I’ve ever felt while doing the 3-Day Refresh on Day 1. I even had enough energy to exercise after work (Max 30: Tabata Power). The day went pretty successfully, and I had a very tasty dinner. I love the spinach salad because it gives you a lot to chew on — literally.


Day 2. This was not so hot. I felt pretty crabby most of the day, but I tried not to complain. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could just rest. I decided to take it easy that evening, mostly just lounging around at home. I was pretty hungry throughout most of the day — much different than Day 1. I couldn’t wait to go to bed so the day would just be over already.

Day 3. Loads of energy upon rising. I felt like a new person. I decided to try something different and spaced out my “meals” every hour. It looked something like this: Shakeology plus a banana for breakfast, coffee from 9-10 a.m, Fiber Sweep around 11 a.m., an apple and green beans with EVOO at 1 p.m., Vanilla Fresh from 2-3 p.m., Cukes and Hummus from 4-5 p.m., and a veggie-filled dinner around 7:30 p.m. (after softball). This method went MUCH better. I would highly recommend spacing out your food like this. It keeps your energy levels high all day, and you don’t get that hangry feeling. I ended up not drinking the Vanilla Fresh — which was a mistake because I was starving at bedtime — because I just couldn’t drink it again. And I was pretty crabby before bed as a result. Lesson learned: always drink your Vanilla Fresh!

Overall, this was another successful round of the 3-Day Refresh. I’ll write what I’ve written in past reviews: I could never do this more than four times a year. It’s just hard to disrupt your life like this. But I always feel amazing once it’s done – light, lean and toned. My jeans fit better than they have in WEEKS. And that bloat from all the salty carbs is finally gone. Hooray!

Let me know if you have questions about the 3-Day Refresh. Happy to answer them!


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