Rose: The Fit Girl’s Guide

I started a new eating program on Monday. It’s called the Fit Girl’s Guide, and it cost me $25 for the e-book. While a lot of the information is geared toward beginners, I’m really having fun with it. The guide is written in a super comical way, and I’ve had fun trying out the new recipes.

For example, the Veggie Protein Power Bowl. I’d forgotten how good vegetables can taste!


What I love about this lunch is how balanced it is. About half of my plate is filled with vegetables while healthy carbs, fats and protein take up the rest. This concept is very similar to the 21 Day Fix, which I still use to measure my ingredients. However, I find there is less emphasis on meat protein in this plan, which I’m enjoying. In recent months, my meat consumption had been pretty high.

Dinner was also a winner. Tonight we made the the Sweet Potato Street Tacos.


Again, I’m enjoying the balanced plated here. I’ve incorporated fruit back into my life, and it’s been a wonderful thing. I also love how my protein comes from this egg – dashed with a little bit of paprika.

These choices are good considering I’ve been feeling VERY snacky lately. The past couple of weekends we’ve been on the go, grabbing whatever is available for lunch and dinner. Many of my meals sort of looked like this below. Not bad, but there can be a lot of sodium in such sauces and crackers.


While I still have 28 days to go, this new eating plan has already livened up my life. I’d been feeling the need to kick things up again, and the 3-Day Refresh was a great starting point. Now I feel like I’ll cruise through summer in shape — what a feeling — and continue to gear up for the big wedding in January!


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