Rose: June Intentions

It’s funny. When I wrote out my “May intentions,” I actually labeled them “May Goals.” I can tell what kind of mindset I was in at the time. It was the last month of the semester, a typically busy period at work. Wedding planning was in full swing, and I had a race to run, too. No wonder I set up “goals” rather than simple “intentions.”

Let’s review how the month of May went.

Making me time. For the most part, I would say that I accomplished this goal. I spent my weekends taking little trips, which breathed new life and energy into my spirit. I also spent quite a bit of time with friends, including a day trip to the beach on Memorial Day. That day particularly stands out because we ended up riding a few rides at the amusement park. I haven’t laughed that hard in so long! I felt like a kid again, and it was fun.

Making a plan. The goal here was to use lists to manage my time better. For the most part, this was accomplished. I made a color-coded post-it note board in my apartment with all the remaining wedding tasks (see below — M added his twist to the captions). And I also made use of some serious lists to get through my work load at the office. All told, this was accomplished.


Getting back to what I love. Okay, so this really happened! The goal was to get back to Max 30, yoga, walking, kayaking and softball. I have achieved all of these, except for walking. Looking back, I’m actually proud of how much exercise I did. We did quite a bit of kayaking, I went to yoga a few times, and I started up another 60-days of Max: 30. I didn’t walk that much, so in June I need to work on fitting in some walks home from work.

So what’s on tap for June?


Reduce stressors. This means turning off work email when I get home. I’ve been doing this most nights, and I can’t believe the weight that has been lifted. The only time I check it is when I’m on a deadline. Other than that, I’m email free. In addition to work, I am trying to break down the wedding tasks (and do some delegating) to reduce stress. So far, this has been working. I honestly had no idea how much work goes into a wedding. But breaking it down piece by piece — and having a fiance, friends and family who help — goes a long way.

Throw caution to the wind. You only live once, right? I am often quite practical in my decision-making, which is good. But there are times when I want to throw caution to the wind a bit more, and do things just because they are fun. This includes trips to see family/friends (even if it’s back-to-back weekends) and doing things outside of my comfort zone.

Read more. This goes on the list again because I still haven’t accomplished it. I would love to get into the habit of reading either at lunch or in the evening. Just 30 minutes would do. I need to exercise my brain more.

Adventure freely.
I find that I’m happiest when I’m out adventuring with M. New Jersey has so much to offer, and I’m thankful to have a partner who wants to travel with me and see new things. I want this to continue in June (when it can) and check out new places and spaces.

What are your intentions for June?


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