Rose: A Pittsburgh Weekend

M and I are getting married at the LeMont Restaurant in Pittsburgh. Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to sample some menu items for our big day! I’d been long anticipating this lunch. All the food you can eat plus wine? Count me in. We wined atop Mt. Washington with one of the prettiest views of Pittsburgh.


We tried several appetizers and three entrees. Our favorite appetizers included the Beef Wellington, Scallops and Bacon and Mushroom Bites. We weren’t huge fans of the spanakopita (how sad!) or the bruschetta. While the bruschetta was nice, we felt it would be too messy for our guests.

In terms of the entrees, we are pretty much solid on the New York Strip Steak! It was deliciously spiced and prepared. (And check out the size below!) But the chicken wasn’t my favorite. It was wrapped in a puff pastry and stuffed with cheese. A little to rich for me …


In addition to our tasting, we also met with our photographer. He is a really cool guy and even adapted when the place we planned to meet was closed. We met at the local library, chit-chatted a bit and decided on some of the important details of the day (like where to take pictures after the ceremony!).

On Saturday, we had time to sneak in a ball game. My dad and M’s dad met us in the city for the game. The Pirates played the Phillies, and victory was sweet. The seats weren’t bad, either. A friend of mine has season tickets and graciously offered them to us for the afternoon. It’s incredible to have such generous friends. I am extremely grateful.


Another highlight was on our way out of town. We stopped at one of my favorite thai restaurants – Pusadee’s Garden. Good thai is a rarity in Jersey. I have yet to find a favorite. And so, I relived my days of going to this garden care and indulged in some delicious spring rolls and chicken pad thai. It was worth every bite!


We even got to stop at a new brewery on our way, too — Roundabout Brewery in Lawrenceville. Good selection of craft beers. We came home with a growler!


All in all, it was a great weekend.


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