Rose: Blueberry Pickin’

This weekend was the first in three I haven’t left New Jersey (!) It goes without saying that I needed to hit up a local event. M, Jenn and I decided to hit up the Blueberry Festival in Whitesbog, N.J. This festival has been going on for 30+ years and is quite the local attraction. There were plenty of vendors, music and food — along with wagon rides to the blueberry fields! Despite the rainy weather, we took advantage of the $5 ride and picked several pounds worth of berries.

In the words of my friend Cat, M has the BEST HAT EVER for blueberry picking. Don’t you agree? We didn’t spend long out in the fields, but we sure capitalized on the experience. We all came back with our bags full, including Jenn, who was having quite the time.


I think the hardest part about berry picking is trying not to eat all of the berries. Thankfully, we were picking on a full stomach which reduced the temptation a tad. 🙂


While it was quite the rainy day, we made the most of it – traveling around the Southern areas in New Jersey. We hit up a brewery after the festival and were delighted by how tasty the beers were. If only this place was closer! The good news is that we got a growler to go — so now we can enjoy on the balcony!


These are the kind of days I love in New Jersey. Filled to the brim with activity, surrounded by those I love … it doens’t get any better than that. And all within an hour or two of home! You can’t beat it.


2 thoughts on “Rose: Blueberry Pickin’

  1. That sounds like an absolutely perfect day, and you have delicious berries and beer to remind you of the fun. Day trips like that are one of my favorite things about summer 🙂

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